FRQ - HK names, PageRank tool, Web design mistakes, etc

Friday Five this week is in its "new year" mode. Here's my take on the questions.

What one thing are you most looking forward to . . .

    Finishing work.
  • ...over the next week?
    Watching LoTR: RoTK on Saturday.
  • ...this year?
    Birth of little Yang in July.
  • ...over the next five years?
    Study in college for a least one year.
  • ...for the rest of your life?
    Waiting for the Return of The King. Hmm, I mean Christ.

I would have answered that I am looking forward to the return of Christ for all the questions above. But then that makes the poll a bit boring...

And some interesting read for the first Friday of 2004.


Tim Challies wrote about what he loves and hates about America, from a Canadian point of view. I've only been to the states once when I was a kid, but a have a few relatives there. However from Tim's description I am not sure whether it is a country that I would like to spend my life. Hmm. I like Australia :)


Thinking about making money with your blog site? 9rules seems to argue that bloggers that provide good content ought to try to make a buck or two to support the cost. You can either place advertisements on otherwise unutilised white space, or charge for contents. I've also seen blogsites that place a PayPal logo on the sidebar to take donations. Sometimes I just feel curious how much income can they generate from ads or donation pledge. Some sites do provide quality content that people might consider paying for (even though it has never occured in my mind), but some sites just make you wonder why you want to pay to read someone else's boring everyday business.

As for me, blogging is just a hobby and I hate to see banner ads mess up the layout (even Google's text-based AdSense). And I know that once someone is paying the content, you are compelled to write...

Hong Kong

A entry on strange English first names in Hong Kong on the BWG's blogsite has made me laugh. Well, I'll have to say that even some UCC people (Hong Kong Christian overseas students @ UNSW) here have funny first names. I won't mention it here :) But then again we never had a Jesus Christ...

Related link: wanting to be different?


Bruce Eckel's attempt to create a simple desktop app, which he finally decided on using Python and its simple HTTP server module. It sounds like how many Open Source Software started their lives.


Here is a way to figure out your Google PageRank without using Google Toolbar, which is currently only running on Internet Explorer.

Estimate your PageRank without the Google toolbar

It is useful as half of my time are on a Mac, and the rest I'll be using Firebird on a Windows box. I am not sure whether the result is correct, neither do I know how it was achieved. I guess it is not difficult to reverse engineer the request/response from Google Toolbar, but at the same time Google can also easily cripple it, as it is not a published API.

Moreover, PageRank has become less and less important to a web developer...

On the note of web design, Peter Dean has tried to explain Jakob Nielson's "Top 10 Web Design Mistakes for 2003 in two entries. Very well written piece with examples and solutions (and opinions).