A friend of mine has convinced me to join that ever-so-popular Friendster, which is a network to allow you to link up with your friend's friend's friend's friend. I don't think it is going to be useful to me as I don't even have time to keep up with my own friends.

Interestingly, under your Profile editing page, you can, well, enter (or select) your martial status, and one option stated "Open Marriage". Trying to find out what this "open" marriage thingy is in comparison with the "closed" marriage, I looked up on the dictionary. Here's what the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language says about this term:

NOUN: A marriage in which the partners agree that each is free to engage in extramarital relationships.

In another words, it is about a man and a woman, who are entering a binding/contracting relationship (marriage) also agree with each other that this contract can be freely forfeited. Or maybe we can put it this way, it is like telling his/her marriage partner don't feel that bad if he/she breaks the promise on the wedding day, because it is likely to happen. At the end, why do people bother to establish a promise if they know that it is not going to be fulfilled? Or maybe people don't correlate marriage "oath" with covenant/promise anymore?

And I must be living under the cave for the last couple of years to be surprised that people can openly and unrepentantly profess that they are potential promise breakers.