Sun Jan 11 00:37:04 2004

This is the command I ran:

  $ python -c 'import time; print time.ctime(2**30)'
  Sun Jan 11 00:37:04 2004

That makes it 19 days to go before there are 2^30 (a bit more than 1 billion) seconds since the un*x epoch, which is Jan 1 1970. There was a story running on CNET, which is linked by Slashdot, talking about the potential rollover problem on some of the older software, which might use the signed 32-bit integer returned by time(2) and use an extra bit to store a flag.

Must be a pretty dodgy hack to use an extra bit in the time field, I'll say! They would have extended the life of the software by 34 years, before the year 2038 problem hits! Or maybe it is the recession in IT recently, that consulting companies are trying hard to create more work to do to bring on the cashflow.

Hey! You think Y2k problem has over? Have you heard of this Y2004 or 2^30 problem? That might bring down the power grid, trigger the nuclear warhead and create disaster across the planet! But don't worry, we are Consultant XYZ and we are here to help out. We can perform test, audit source code, draft out emergency plan, ....

Time to build the disaster shelter and store up food. Only 19 days left...