Recent broadband pricing in Australia

Just some personal notes on my recent approach to find an ISP that provides ADSL broadband in Australia. I am moving house in the next month or two, and I plan to change the ISP that provides my home Internet access, as well as the bandwidth for hosting this site. It is always good to review your ISP every now and then, as you can usually find something more suitable.

Early this week, Telstra BigPond increased the value of their broadband service by increasing the traffic quota (download+upload) from 3Gb to 10Gb, and that includes their ADSL and cable offerings. While their residential ADSL products are still over-priced, it makes their cable product quite a good value, considering a fully loaded cable in a quite neighbourhood can be 3-4 times faster than the fastest residential ADSL download stream.

Apparently Telstra Wholesale, the Telstra that provides the exchange where every other ADSL providers have to connect to, also lowered their price. Suddenly we see a lot of price drops across different providers. That makes my hunt for ADSL provider for my new house a little bit complicated.

First of all, Internode, my current provider, doubled the download quota for their business plan customers. That makes my current connection a nice 4Gb per month on bridged mode static IP address, at expensive AUD$100 per month. Too bad that I usually only use 1Gb of download every month, and that increased download quota would not be much useful to me when I'll probably be busy fixing up my new house for the next few months. With cashflow in mind, I've determined to leave Internode and change to a cheaper ADSL provider. I think I'll miss my bridged connection (and struggle with PPPoE).

Due to my low download and static IP requirement, I sorted of narrowed my choices to 3 different providers. DART, Swiftel, and WestNet, whom all have their plans reviewed last week or so. Here's my feature matrix with the plan I am interested in.

  DART Swiftel WestNet
Plan Premium 10000 6:512/4gb Premium 512/128 2GB
Speed 512/128kbps 512/128kbps 512/128kbps
Quota 10 GB 4 GB 2 GB (+1GB off-peak)
Excess Shaped $5/GB $10/GB or
Contract 6 months 3 months 1 month
Subscribers national wide
Subscribers same state PipeNetwork
Subscribers national wide
Cost $64.00/mo $55.00/mo $59.95/mo

All 3 plans save me at least $35 from my current Internode plan each month (towards my mortgage, of course). Swiftel has nice cheap price, and I heard the network is quite good as well, but it lacks free contents from PIPE, which I might use a lot to download all that Linux ISO's.

I still have around a week to decide. When it is connected, I then have to shutdown this site (been running for 354 days straight now), carry the box to the new place, and then start serving again.