Meta on Christian News

I found another Christian news related weblog - Christdot, which is described as "News for Jesus Freaks. Eternal matters". If you are on Internet long enough, you would know where this site get its name from. Christdot features /.-like commenting system (powered by bug ridden phpNuke), and it is fun reading through people's comments to figure out each individual's theological background.

Religion News Blog is another interesting meta weblog site that is focusing on apologetics. Part of Apologetic Index, b2 powered weblog contains links after links of Christianity related news.

However, Anglican Media Sydney's Breaking News still ranks my favourite Christian news source. It provides more than just an URL link, but a good summary to help people browse through it easily. News engine is powered by Movable Type, together with eZ publish as content management.

Too much reading, but not enough time for writing...