Day and Half in Melburn

Just got off the plane a few hours ago, flying back from Melbourne to Sydney. Vivian and I spent a day and half in the state capital of Victoria, which it is relaxing, it was also quite exhausted. We went down there for company's Christmas party. It was 70's fashion theme, but I did not bother to dress up. The night was full of 70's dance music, alcohol, people running around in wigs, and all kinds of party thingy. Too bad that I am not a party person, nor a drinking kind of person. It was freezing cold outside on the balcony (yeah, Melbourne weather), and way too loud inside. At least I got a chance to catch up with some Melbourne colleagues, those I talked to on the phone but never met in person before. I thought I would find a bunch of developers hiding in a corner talking about operating system security (they have 30-40 developers in Melbourne), but disappointedly it was not the case. Not enough real geeks there? Anyway, at 9:30pm when the dance has just started taken place on the floor, I've called it the night and headed back to hotel. What a relief.

As of today, we got up early in the morning, headed down town for full on English breakfast, and came back to check out from the hotel. With other Sydney colleagues we tried the Yum Cha at China town, in a restaurant recommended by a Melburnian. Well, you might call me biased but Yum Cha at Sydney is much much better, if the recommended restaurant is the best they can offer. Due to lack of time, we simply walked around the city, checked out some sight scenes, and then headed back to the hotel to catch Taxi to go back to Sydney.

Some observation:

  • Weather. That alone makes me wanting to stay in Sydney. It was freezing at night in December, but it can get quite hot during the day.
  • The road is much wider in Melbourne. Taxi driver there joked about Sydney's roads were designed for donkeys, and he won't want to drive in Sydney even if someone pays him. I would rather drive in Melbourne as well.
  • Culture. I am not sure how to describe it. Classy? Something that does not exist in Sydney.
  • Boring city view looking at yellow-ish Yarra river. But great heritage building everywhere.
  • AFL on every other channel on TV. Is that what they call "football"?
  • A strange way to turn right at traffic lights in the city. You have to keep left in order to turn right. You have to see it to experience it. But I can imaging why it still would not work in Sydney - everyone will still try to cross the road when the lights turn amber.

It was my 4th time coming to Melbourne, but first time spent more than a day here (the others are all work related day trippers). Still, I still won't call myself "been to Melbourne" as there are so many places I've yet to explore. Until next time...