Congratulation to Vicky and Cristan

for tying the knot on the 27th of December 2003. That was a great wedding today.

I've known Vicky since '95 and Cristan probably since '96 as both of them were my ex-course mates. I still remembered the time when we have to rush through the assignments and cram for the exams together. I don't think that I've partnered any assignment with them, and due to my absence from their social circle since I left university, I found myself not really knowing them that well. It wasn't really a surprise when I learnt the news that they have decided to get married, since they have been going out for 8 years already. But still here's my congratulation - to the new Mr. and Mrs. Szmajda for their life-long union.

The wedding is at Katoomba at 1pm. It was originally scheduled to be at 12pm out door in a garden next to great scenery at the Blue Mountains, but due to miserable weather it was postponed to an hour later and moved into a hotel. The wedding ceremony was a bit different - probably because it was not a Christian wedding that I was used to, but also half of the already-short service was conducted by the live singing of Vicky and Cristan to each other. The singing was surprisingly great though, as I've never known the musical side of both Vicky and Cristan. Yeah, even the FreeBSD freaks can sing! The celebrant, who was actually a sub as the actual celebrant was sick today, did an okay job to finish up the service. It took less than 30 minutes - no hymn, no sermon, no prayer. Maybe that was the norm in a wedding service today.

In the afternoon I was trying to catch up with some of my old course mates. Some have dramatic changes, and some have stayed the same. It was great talking to them - just like the old days when we were still hanging out at uni. Hmm. I miss the days. Here are some news I've collected:

  • LD is getting married next month at the St. Matthias, and I just got the invitation today. Not really a news, but it was great to see things are working out well for him.
  • JN is now going out with MC. It was new to me, but seems everyone else has known it already. Ain't I slow with this kind of thing? At the same time that did stir a mixed kind of feeling.
  • CC actually has a girlfriend in PH. That was new to everyone there. CC was such a cool (and humorous) guy, and has definitely hid this secret quite well.

Reception started at 6pm, and it was the standard 3 course meal that ran for 3+ hours. I was on the same table as Gernot, who taught operating systems at UNSW (Vicky and Cristan were both his thesis students). He could not remember me when LD tried to introduce me to him. Well, I only took his Advanced OS for a session, but never mind... Gernot was actually quite knowledgeable in anything European, including the Christian reformation history. Very interesting to listen to him, even it is not about operating systems.

Vivian and I left the reception at around quarter to 10, when people have just started dancing. It was late, there was a long drive back, and we had church in the morning. I did not have chance to say good bye to many of my friends there, but I guess I will see them again in three weeks at LD's wedding...

And all these weddings - just reminded me how fast the time has passed as more and more people you know jumping to the next stage of life. Pretty soon we will hear about people having kids (my own news will be announced in 7 months, if God is willing). Then what? Gee. These mates from uni just felt a bit different when we interact. But maybe it has never been the same since I left uni.

I am staring at this confused. Maybe I am just disturbed by some other events...