Blog Shares is No More

I've not been able to retrieve my blog share price over the past few day. This morning I checked their website, and found Blog Shares is no longer in operation after 9 months of trading. Basically the database went dead, and it is just too much effort to get the site back in shape as Seyed, the creator of the site, could not dedicate his time on it.

Personally I found Blog Shares was fun when it first started, and I even donated and became a premium member pretty much soon after it officially got on-line. However, after a few month it just gets boring to continue trading. It just has this weird economy and market system that it is trivial for people to become billionaires. Everyone wants to be day traders, instead of sticking to blue chips, or supporting your friends' blogs. However, it was still great to track your blog's popularity with Blog Shares. Not only it gives you the back links to your blogs, but also weighted back links - cool if suddenly your blog is linked by big players.

Here's some of my previous entries on Blog Shares:

Best wishes to Seyed, to whatever project he is doing next...