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Since upgraded to Panther, I have not been "surfing" the Chinese telnet BBS from my Mac because I have been too lazy to install iTerm. Moreover, Panther's is so much better and faster than the sluggish iTerm. A search on Google also reveals that it is much easier to use the built in to telnet to Chinese BBS system than iTerm. Here's the procedures:

  • Open It should be under /Applications/Utilities folder.
  • Go to [Terminal] -> [Window Settings...]
  • Under [Buffer], uncheck the "Wrap lines that are too long" option.
  • Under [Display], change Text Font to "Osaka Regular-Mono", and change Character Set Encoding to "Traditional Chinese (Big 5 HKSCS)".
  • Under [Color], change Standard Color Selections to "White on Black".
  • Inside the terminal window, type in telnet -8 hostname to connect to the host.
BlueSky BBS in

Very very sweet indeed.