2 More Weekends to Go

... before 2004 hits.

Can't believe it when the time is flying so fast, and for the next 2 weeks life will be busy. We are trying to push out a new release at work (as always) while colleagues have already started taking leaves. A big roll out in Queensland will take place soon, and I hope everything just works, which usually does not happen in the computing world. Then I have the new house to fix up, which now has a dead-line, because S2 and her sister is going to rent and move into our current place by mid-January. But more I looked at it, more I realise it is a mission impossible. I am actually taking today and tomorrow as work leaves to paint the rooms. But prior to flipping the brush and roll the rollers, I have to (1) remove the wooden thingy (can't find the term here) off the wall (2) move the entire wardrobe into garage (3) buy paint and undercoat. Why am I still blogging here, while I still need to hang the cloth to dry? The big evil word starts with P.

Jack & Virginia's Wedding As of my weekend, it was quite a fruitful but tiring weekend. Saturday was Jack and Virginia's wedding, and people in MBF basically spent the morning decorating the church (St. Martin's @ Kensington). It was a hot and sunny day, and the wedding went quite smoothly. J&V are flying to Guangzhou this afternoon - all the best to them.

Btw, can I get a copy of photos on CD so I can put it on the FOCUS website? (Note to Tim or Jieni)

Sunday was our usual deal - church and Bible study in the morning. Ben Ho did the talk on Psalm 22 at IUC yesterday, and he moved from the persecution of David and his call for God's help, to Jesus on the cross, to how it applies to us. One of the final challenge is by asking ourselves why we are not suffering today as Christian? Aren't we living out enough of Christianity in our lives so different from the society so that we would be persecuted? However, I don't agree fully with what Ben has challenged. Christians shall expect persecution (2 Timothy 3:12), however we don't see that much persecution in a westernised society like Australia. One response is to seek more godliness so that we can be persecuted - but aren't we seeking godliness anyway regardless of persecution? The statement makes it feels like you are not living a godly life unless you face persecution from the society. Yes. One might follow the other, but in some cases they might not be 100% correlative. In these cases, we should seek another response, that is thanksgiving, which was not emphasised in the sermon. There are more you can do if you are not persecuted, and we do need to give thanks to God in all situations! We are fortunate enough to live in a stable and relatively free country like Australia, which the government does not exercise active persecution on religions. I need to remind myself to be thankful for that.

And about the fried rice. No, don't talk about the fried rice. We out-sourced the food catering to Satay Delicious for Jack and Virginia's wedding, and they gave us a lot of FRIED RICE (yes we asked for Chinese finger food). So I ate some FRIED RICE at the wedding, but there's still quite a lot of left overs. So on Saturday night I ate some more FRIED RICE at Anna's place, when everyone else was playing Mahjong. On Sunday we ate more FRIED RICE for lunch on the floor of our new house, with the reminants of MBF. And again Vivian and I both ate the very same FRIED RICE for dinner on Sunday to finish it off. Surely we are not the fresh food people...