Last night Vivian and I went for Wednesday night shopping at Alexandria, as both Megamart and Bunnings both close at 9pm during weekdays. By the time I got home at around 9:30pm, I became quite a bit poorer than what I was yesterday morning.

Things purchased:

  • A SleepMaker queen-size mattress for our new home, delivered mid-December
  • Catch Me If You Can DVD, for $19.95! I did not watch it in cinema when it came out, but I heard it was very good.
  • 16 sheets of sand paper, for sanding off the old paint and smoothing up the filling for the crack on the war.
  • Roller and tray for the new paint.
  • 10-pack sponges for washing up.

As you can see, we are gradually getting ourselves ready to fix up the new place, after the hand-over in early December. Seriously I need to read all the handy man HOWTO's and FAQ's (yes, I am an engineer!) to get myself ready for the job. December will be quite hectic I think.

By the way, the voucher that we cut off from the Southern Courier was still valid yesterday when we purchased the mattress and DVD. 10% off an expensive item is quite a bit of saving. The $349 Tungsten T deal was still quite tempting (and 10% off on top of that!) but no, I did not buy it at the end. I guess I don't really need a new PDA.