Instead of a Friday evening quickies on interesting web links, I will just have some short ideas that ran through my head today.

Recently I found the amount of time my computer stayed on is getting less and less. 2 years ago my Dell Inspiron would usually be operating 23.5 hours in a day. I used it at work for around 9 hours during the day. I would then bring it back home, plug it into the network and turned it on pretty much right after I stepped into the house. Before I go to sleep I would leave it running for the whole night. In the morning after I checked email and various "important" news sites, I would then disconnected it and bring it to work. Total downtime for my notebook in a typical day would be around 30 minutes, i.e. my travelling time.

But for the past year I have been using computers less and less at home. Well, it still occupies quite a lot of my time, but I am speaking in relative terms. For a few nights in a week I would not even turn on my Dell after I brought it back from the office. My RSS aggregator has a large number of unread items, and usually I have to do [Ctrl]-[Shift]-A to catch up. I have not updated the FOCUS website for a while, nor have I done any serious coding at home recently. Life has just been occupied with so many other things. It would never be the same again.

Is it a sign that I am losing my geekiness? Or a return to the "normal" life style?

Sometimes I just wish that I can write short witty sentences like Stephen Ong. I gave up after a few attempts. Nah. Can't do it.

Thursday night I watched TV for 2 hours at Grace and Caroline's place, with other guys from MBF. Rugby World Cup, Kiwis smashed the Frenchmen. Wow. Wasn't that enjoyable? Not the sport where people push each other on the court, but the pleasure of watching that small box flashing with lights. I've not owned a television set when I came to Sydney to study. Married for three and half years and we still don't have one at home. I don't usually miss it - maybe for 9 years without a TV I have gotten used to live without it, except when the peers started chatting about what they have seen on TV. What is this Oz Idol thing anyway? But whenever I am positioned in front of one, I know that I will be glued.

I am thinking of getting those new digital TV card and use Vivian's old computer as our "entertainment centre" for the new place. Or maybe we will get a 'real' TV one day.

Just got a call from some recruitment company, after he saw my resume on the Internet. Before he asked whether I am interested to have a chat, I told him that sorry but I'm not looking. One issue with putting resume on the web is that people assume you are looking for a job. I think I better put some disclaimer on that page about my situation...

I will be going to James Hudson Taylor III's meeting tonight at Wesley Mission, and he will talk about Christian mission in China. There will be another talk tomorrow night at the WSCCC as well. JHT is a grand son of "the" Hudson Taylor that evangelised China more than a century ago. Now Taylor's grand son is still talking about proclaiming the message of Jesus there, but it was quite a different China than the one his grand father entered into.