Rainy Weekend

Here is the score on Saturday:

England: 20
Australia: 17

And that concludes the months long Rugby World Cup 2003.

The weather has been terrible throughout the weekend. It has been raining for the whole weekend, and the maximum temperature today was forecasted at only 19 degree Celsius. You won't believe that it is the kind weather for Sydney at only a few days before the summer kicks in. No wonder the English team feels at home, since they probably get this kind of weather in UK all the time anyway...

I actually did not watch the final of Rugby World Cup, as I was driving back home from Strathfield on Saturday night, at around 10:30'ish. While we were in the car, I noticed that the pubs were surprisingly quiet at this time of the night. We sensed immediately that the Wallabies wasn't winning. Oh well. I guess if the Wallabies did win, we would be stuck in the traffic waiting for all the drunkard running around on the street.

I went to Strathfield on Saturday night to go to a talk at the West Sydney Chinese Christian Church. It is my first time stepping into WSCCC, and most people there I was not familiar with. I noticed that the overseas university students ministry on the UNSW campus was not really known outside the Eastern suburb circle, as I talked to a Cantonese pastor there (a Reverend I think, but I cannot remember his name). Bad network I guess, especially to the 'Chinese' side of Sydney Chinese churches.

The meeting I went to on Saturday at WSCCC was a talk by James Hudson Taylor III, and I attended a similar meeting the night before at the Wesley Mission. He represents the MSI Professional Service, an professional arm of OMF to bring different kinds of services to the mainland China. By serving China professionally, hopefully the Christian value can be proclaimed by those who are involved, to the unbelievers in the land of "Central Kingdom". This JHT III is the great grand son of the famous James Hudson Taylor, a British missionary who came to China in 1854. He founded the China Inland Mission back in the 1860's, which then evolved into OMF today. His great grand son who bears the same name and gave the talks on Saturday, is an elderly faithful servant of Christ who has the same passion for the salvation of Chinese people.

During the meeting, we learnt about the family of Hudson Taylor, the works of MSI in China, and his challenges for us to serve. One of the theme is on our dedication to the Lord. If we cannot serve him whole heartily while we are in where we are, a plane trip to China won't change or motivate us. We need to be reminded about how much we are giving to God, and actually work on it. Talking about being on the mission field is one thing, but being able to live it out now in preparation for the future is another. That has never been easy for me...

For Saturday lunch, we invited a Taiwanese guy from IH to come to our place so I can share 2WTL with him. At the end, he still chose that way A is the way he prefers. I tried to go through the logic again, and we came to the conclusion that if God is the creator and ruler of the whole universe, with what he has done for us, submitting to him and honouring him as God is the logical and rightful thing to do. Ask him again which way does he prefer - still way A. He thinks God might exist, but not sure about his existence.

Sometimes logics does not convince people. Hopefully God and his Holy Spirit will.

Just in case no one gets the hint, there is a reason for the second section of my previous blog entry. Vivian is pregnant for 6 weeks, and the baby will be due around mid-July 2004. Congratulate us :)