MTS Farewell Meeting

MTS 2003 farewell last night at St. Matthias. Many tearing moments. Except I felt a bit awkward being there. I am not leaving, nor an MTS, nor have I worked with many people who are leaving this year.

One unconfirmed rumour I heard yesterday was that Peter Lim will be starting MTS next year. Moreover, he would like to be working with the Mandarin students! I actually got to know Peter in my third year of uni (i.e. quite a while ago), and I gave this electrical engineering guy a lift back home after the the Mid Year Conference. One year later I was sharing a flat with ex-MTS David Lim, and found out that Peter was actually his younger brother! Now Peter is coming back to do MTS, if the rumour is confirmed. Not sure about his Mandarin, but it surely will be great fun working with him again.