Just seen the Matrix Revolution

WARNING: Spoiler ahead. Read on at your own risk.

Straight after the MBF's Friday night activities, nearly a dozen of us went to the Randwick Ritz to watch the Matrix Revolution, starting at 9:30pm. The movie runs a bit over two hours. And the first conclusion I had after watching the final episode of Matrix is "What the?!" What is the whole point? At the end, everything is back to square one. The "world" is still run by the Matrix, and continues its everyday business. There is still no hope for the people in Zion, except a temporary state of peace. I guess the people in Zion won't try to connect back to Matrix for a while. And we lost the hero and heroine. A pretty disappointing ending I'll say.

I will write more tomorrow.

Updated at 2:29pm: Just add the spoiler warning sign. But again it is just my opnion. Many people liked the first movie, disturbed by the second one, and then hated the final episode. However I will say that the "Reloaded" is probably my favourite movie, due to that surprising anti-climax at the end. As with "Revolution", there are still unanswered questions. I'll post more later.

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