Getting Darwinport on my Panther

Okay. I have installed the whole Mac OS X from scratch, and I've lost all my fink packages. Instead of installing the latest 0.6 from source, I decided that I would like to try something different. Darwinport comes to the picture. Instead of using Debian's dpkg to manage source/binary packages, it uses BSD's port system. Cool.

Installation is straight forward - CVS check out the darwinport tree, make and then make install to get some base utilities going. And then for installing packages, all I need to do is typing in

  $ port install "package name"

It will then download all the dependencies, patch them up for Mac OS X build, compile them, and then install them. Very neat. The first thing I installed is Gimp. While it downloads all the dependencies, it failed to warn me about the lack of X11 development package. After installing that from the XCode CD, everything compiles fine.

To keep the packages up to date, all I need to do is keeping the port tree current by using the cvs up command - just like all the other BSD port system.

Don't you just love Mac OS X...