FRQ - Comment Spam War, Grace vs Mercy, Google IPO, etc

Friday Random Quickies section of this blog was started with an aim of flushing out a week worth of interesting links I've read. But it did not really work out:

  • I read much more than just the links here, but I did not had a chance to note them down.
  • It has somehow become bi-weekly.

Anyway. I shouldn't be too stressful on this matter.

Tonight I will be going to the Sus group for China mission at Moore College, where we will pray for the missions and Christian ministries in mainland China. Shopping tomorrow morning at China town, and then tennis at 10 o'clock. There will be things here and there and I'm sure it will be a busy weekend again. And I *must* remember to send my car for service. Not that it is smoking badly, but just want to make sure that it can still be driven around for the next few years.

Blog Spam

Adam Kalsey reckons that spammer has picked the wrong fight when they tried to spam the weblogs and on-line forums, as the people hosting these sites are usually more technology savvy, and can more effectively prevent the case. Jeremy Zawodny agrees, except those who hosts their sites on some easy-to-use blogging service, like TypePad or Blogspot, might not be as technical as we think. Nevertheless, the war continues between the spammer and the rest of Internet communities.

Blog Tips

Darren has provided a list of articles with interesting and certainly very useful tips for bloggers, especially if you aim to establish the readership.


Oliver has an interesting take on the differences between grace and mercy. Here's his summary:

Grace is what God gives that we don't deserve. Mercy is what God doesn't give that we do deserve.


By God's mercy, we escape hell. But by God's grace, we receive everlasting life.

Quote an interesting analysis.

On a not so related notes, Christianity website has made its come back. Nice.

And where is the gospel in the Matrix from Christianity Today. Well. People actually write books discussing and analysing the philosophical world in Matrix. I think they might be interesting...

Concurrent Version System

This crazy guy has whole of his home directory on CVS, and distributed into multiple machines. Sounds like an interesting idea though.


According to TheStreet, Google will probably go IPO early next year, with 10-15% worth around $15-25 billion. That puts the valuation of Google to around $100-$250 billion USD. Do we see the .com bubble coming back? Similar report can be found here.

Interesting interview with Joerg Heilig, the master mind behind the development of


Ian Bicking said that the GIL (global interpreter lock) is not a big deal, because most people won't need multi-threaded applications on multiple processes. Doh. The application we developed at work happen to fit into the category of heavily-threaded processor-bound application that is difficult-but-possible to deply in multiple processes. I am pretty sure the ZOPE guys don't agree on his point of view on GIL as well.

Developing full-text indexer in Python by David Mertz - just what I need for work. Here's some packages that I am evaluating at the moment:

  • Pyndex and Lupy from Divmod.
  • Ransacker (the source file released back in 2000 is not very useful)


SpamCop was the latest victim of denial of service against the RBL. Well, not really a DDoS, but probably just social engineering that causes the registrar for domain to be suspended. I think it is finally coming back now, to start filtering out incoming emails for me again. While the SpamCop was off-line for the weekend, at least our SpamAssassin filter still works. Always good to have double protection...