FRQ - 2WTL Website, PSQL7.4, MT Key/Val, PHP vs. Perl, etc

I was a bit sick today so I ended up resting at home. Tonight I will be going to the MBF annual review, where Vivian and I will "try" to review what we have done in MYC this year. Tomorrow Vivian and I will be going to Canberra to visit old friends from church. 3 hours driving down and 3 hours driving back up...

Internode has just released the details of its personal ADSL plan updates, which was meant to be out "Real Soon Now" for the past 4-5 months (those who have been tracking the Internode plans on the Whirlpool forum would know what I am talking about). It surely looks impressive, but static IP is still not an option. Business plan will be available on Monday, and I hope it does bring out better value than the current offering. Otherwise I definitely need to move to other providers which might save me $30-$40 a month towards my mortgage.


Church sign generator - very popular on the net recently.


New Two Ways To Live on-line presentation. Much nicer to the eyes now, and it also includes all the notes from the extended pamphlet (whatever was it called). Also note the Dot COM address. However, it has been hammered by its HTML 3.2 design. Alternatively, Archbishop's mission website has a much better XHTML Strict design. (Sourced from Catalyst)

Migrate Database

In Jeremy Zawodny's post on the release of PostgresSQL 7.4, some comments asked about how easy it is to migrate a website/web application from MySQL to PostgreSQL. Some commented that it won't be too difficult if standard SQL is used. IMHO, it will take quite a bit of work if you are using anything beyond simple SQL. But what's the point of using today's heavy duty RDBMS if you don't want to use its special features? At work, initially we use Interbase/Firebird just like a data storage, so that it might be easy to migrate to other RDBMS if necessary. But then the performance suffers. We can't use the triggers and stored procedures that will definitely speed the whole thing up considerably. One big mistake that we took initially...

Movable Type

Via HealYourChurchWebsite, there's an article on adding user defined fields in Movable Type by Deane. It has a step by step explanation on how to add extra fields into the database, forms and template tags. It definitely helps those who want to customise their MT to the max.

From the same article, there's also an existing plugin that let you use an existing field to store arbitary key/value pairs. I think it is actually a better idea - at least when the MT update time comes, you don't have to perform the same patch again.

Open Source Software & Security

An interesting article on why "all bugs are shallow" does not really work. I actually agree that Open Source applications are not necessarily more secure, and there are just too many amateur coders out there hacking new features into open source projects.

Perl vs. PHP

Followed from Keith Devens' blog entry on the problem of PHP, there's an interesting article on Perl getting it right by having low-level operating system functionality populating the root name space. That's exactly the same reason what I don't like about Perl. What does unlink() function do in the root name space? Hmmm...

Strong Typing

A blog entry on strong typing vs. unit testing from a Java person point of view. The author does not agree with Guido van Rossum and Bruce Eckel that strong testing is enough for weak typing. Although I am too a Python fan, but sometimes I just wish the compiler can pick up stupid errors before the interpretor hits it. It will be great to combine the flexibility of Python with comprehensive checking of a compiled strong typed language.

Web Mastery

I was always wondering how to apply a CSS to only MSIE. There are ways to do so with Mozilla, as it supports more extensive CSS selectors, but usually it is far more difficult to hack around IE's CSS problems. Here's a solution - by placing an underscore character in front of a CSS attribute. Other browsers will silently ignore, as what CSS recommendation has specified, but MSIE 5+ will apply the style without the underscore.