Calvinism vs. Arminianism

A series of articles comparing Calvinism and Arminianism written by Tim.

Personally I found it very interesting. Usually at FOCUS, a church that has its theology closer to the Calvinism end of spectrum, we were taught that Arminianists do not believe in TULIP but in Daisy - "God loves me, God loves me not. God loves me, God loves me not...". However part 3 of this series actually details how Jacobus Arminius defended his theology, which summarises into 5 points:

  • Free Will (vs. Total Depravity)
  • Conditional Election (vs. Unconditional Election)
  • Universal Atonement (vs. Limited Atonement)
  • Obstructable Grace (vs. Irresistible Grace)
  • Falling from Grace (vs. Perseverance of the Saints)