A little dose of Chinese evangelism with Heaventunes

What is it like for a conservative Sydney Anglican Chinese coming to a Taiwan-American charismatic music evangelistic meeting with lots of singing and sharing? Quite a lot of education, I'll say, and that was what has happened last night. Instead of going to the This Way Up launch, some of us went to the Heaventunes "Your Steadfast Love" evangelistic meeting at the Wesley Mission. The event kicked off at around 7 in the evening, and concluded just before 10. There were lots of good musics, talented musos, and lots of Taiwanese Christians, some of them I have not met for ages.

As of the message of the night, the emphasis is on "the peace of God" we will receive in suffering, which he has promised when we believe in Jesus. It might be a reminder to the Christians, but as far as I have observed, a lot of them might not make any sense to the non-Christians that night - if they try to analyse all the arguments. For example - what is "the peace of God" that appears in our heart in our suffering? Not explained. How did this powerful personal God bring forth this peace? Not mentioned. Why do we need "the peace of God"? No idea. It would be very difficult for non-Christians to collect enough information to form a picture of gospel in last night's event. I wonder how many of them actually misunderstood the phrase "the peace of God", and translated it into something they desire when the hardship and suffering comes.

Updated on 10 Nov 2003 at 3:43pm: Here's Tim's take on the same matter.