Professional Blogger Wannabe?

Full of confidence I took on this quiz, but miserably I have failed. 18.75 out of 100 - can you actually get worse than that? A serious blogger I might not be, but a wannabe surely I am!

My weblog owns 18.75 % of me.
Does your weblog own you?

No. Fortunately my weblog does not own me. A few entries a day if there's something that triggers my mind. But a few days in a row I can take up hiatus, and it does not borther me a bit at all...

Here's a quote for the bloggers/journalists out there:

Don't be afraid of giving yourself away, for if you write, you must. And if you can't face that, better not write.

As someone who occassionally blogs about life, the dillemma usually lies on how much I should give myself away. I love to write the turbulence of my mind down, but at the same time I wish it is just a breeze that does not stir up waves in anyone. I would like to share my thoughts with "someone out there", but no, it is NOT YOU!

Must I?