New Movable Style Domain

Since my other blog site, Movable Style, started more than a month ago, I actually got some traffic from visitors searching the might Google for cascading style sheets for Movable Type. So I thought, instead of just letting it sitting at a corner of my main site, I'll get a domain for it to make it independent. I also need to give it its own Movable Type installation, because of some cookie issues that prevents the comment listing/searching to use the same style sheet.

Anyway, I have registered a new domain,, from domain registrar GoDaddy, hosted its DNS on and the website is pointing to my faithful old dual Celery, behind the same Internode ADSL link.

AUD$26.00 for 2 years - second level domain names are certainly very affordable now due to strong Aussie dollar. There are still plenty of good domains out there unregistered or expired, thanks to the .com burst. My ADSL link is now serving 20+ low traffic web sites pumping out average 48.7Mb per day. Well, the uplink is still only under utilised at 3.5%, according to my MRTG graph... I was thinking of getting either 1500k/256k or 512k/512k DSL service, but I doubt whether it is necessary.