Labour Day Long Weekend

Privilege of living in NSW - October Labour Day long weekend. However, I did not do much - I rested, thought, wrote, and prepared to come back to my regular life again. Before I have figured out what is happening, here I am on Tuesday morning at work, sorting out my regular life.

First of all, it was the Club 5 weekend, but I did not go. I'll write more about that in this blog later. However, Vivian went there on Friday morning and did not come back until Monday afternoon, so I ended up being alone at home for the rest of the weekend. I used to be very good at entertaining myself - I am not good with the crowds and I much prefer to be just myself in the closet. However I think this marriage thingy must have somehow changed me, as I actually felt strange being home alone. Yeah. Being alone is not a good thing.

For Saturday, I spent most my time preparing a seminar on Sunday at MBF. Well, it was meant to be a talk, but on Sunday only 12 people turned up to our Bible studies so we ended up just sitting around the table having myself giving the talk that way. The topic was "Love According to John". We have just finished the Bible studies on the gospel of John in MBF, so I tried to summarise the book using the theme of "Love". I looked at all the instance of "agapeo" and "phileo" in John, worked out the subject and object of these loving relationships, figured out the reason and action associated behind these relationships, and then tried to summarise how things fit together in the gospel. I won't detail the talk here - maybe in another blog entry.

I also managed to push out 4 different themes in my Movable Style website during the weekend. I must be pretty bored...

Yesterday I spent most my day cleaning up the apartment, and then realise I have another seminar to do this Friday. The weekend has gong already, and now I need to maximise my week nights to prepare for it...

And 4 more days to go for yet another weekend.