iBook with G4

Apple has just upgraded their line of iBooks to G4 processors. Latest iBook has:

CPU:G4 @ 800Mhz (12") 933/1000Mhz (14")
with 256kb L2 cache 133Mhz system bus
Memory:128Mb DDR on board
Optical Drive:Slot loading combo
Video:ATI Radeon 9200 with 32Mb DDR
USB:2xUSB 2.0 on board
Wiresless:Airport Extreme (802.11g)
Internal Bluetooth ready
Mac OS XPanther!

The external dimension is still the same, and weights the same at 2.2kg for the 12" iBook. The price on the Australian Apple Store is $1,899 for 12" 800Mhz, $2,299 for 14" 933Mhz and $2,599 for 14" 1Ghz. All of them comes with 256Mb of RAM.

Gee. I cannot believe that the iBook I am using right now is the very last generation of G3 iBook. The last one with an IBM 750fx CPU. The last one with single data rate SDRAM. The last one with the 802.11b Airport. The last one with tray loading combo drives. There's just so much update on the new iBook that even though it looks very similar outside, it is completely new inside. However, it differs from the much rumoured IBM 750gx "Gobi" processor. I still have not figured out the type of processor it uses - whether it is a secret IBM 750 processor marketed as G4, or a Motorola 74xx processor used also in the Powerbooks.

I also doubt whether its 800Mhz G4 (only one available for 12") is really going to be faster than the old 900Mhz G3 with 512kb of L2 cache at non-AltiVec operations. It sounds like they are using the older G4 from its 133Mhz bus and 256kb L2 cache.

Anyway. I shall feel contented. I wish my iBook has a 3Ghz G5 with 8Gb of RAM, but that won't be possible for now :)