Heaventunes or SaltLight?

Life is full of decisions, isn't it?

Yesterday, Tim sent in two emails about two conflicting events for the Saturday, 8th of November. First of all, Evangelical Formosan Church (EFC) has organised an evangelistic meeting at Westley Mission, with a music group all the way from Taiwan, called Heaventunes. On the other hand, SaltLight, a Sydney-based Christian music production, will launch their first album "This Way Up" at Newtown on the very same day. Two ways to live out my Saturday night...

Here's a table with pros and cons.

  Heaventunes SaltLight
  • Famous established group in Taiwan doing their world tour.
  • A dose of Chinese theology and their way of doing ministry. Might be useful when we encounter more and more Chinese Christians.
  • Evangelistic message presented in Chinese, hopefully in Mandarin.
  • Opportunities to meet with other Mandarin speaking Christians in Sydney, especially those from Taiwan.
  • Local, home-breed Asian-Australian Christians with Biblical theology.
  • Good music. I heard that they have very good music.
  • I actually personally know some performers.
  • I need to pick up my copy of "This Way Up".
  • Even though it is part of the adventure, but I always felt suspicious in this kind of musical evangelistic meetings from Taiwan, from my past experience.
  • Might be in Hokkien/Taiwanese dialect, which I can't understand.
  • No idea how much it costs.
  • Not in Mandarin so friends in MBF might not be that interested.
  • Neither is Vivian interested.
  • Main program starting from 8:30pm, and it sounds like an all nighter to me. Am I too old for this kind of thing?

See the dilemma?