Geek "This or That"

This entry is inspired by the now-defunct This or That and the constant geek holy wars happening on Slashdot. Here we go...

  • Vi or Emacs
    Definitely vi here. I've been a user of Vim for nearly 6 years, and I couldn't be happier. Before that, I've used Xemacs for almost a year, but could not stand the kitchen sink when I just want to quickly edit a file.

  • Mac or Windows
    Currently I'll say Mac, especially with Mac OS X, because of the un*x core it has. I can't really say that I'm fully switched as I still spent majority of time in front of a Windows computer at work. There are also things that I can't get used to in Mac. But I am hoping the up-coming Panther would be better.

  • IE or Mozilla
    Mozilla for sure. The only reason that I am still using Internet Explorer is that our product at work only works with IE... :( When I am on a Mac, I'll probably use Safari.

  • Linux or FreeBSD
    Despite my few attempts to play around with FreeBSD, I still favour Linux, because I am already familiar with the platform. Well, I heard many report that FreeBSD is supposed to be better as single processor networking servers, but I think my time is better spent on something else than master 2 un*x-like platforms. So for this one, I'll say Linux.

  • Bash or Tcsh
    Definitely bash. Nothing to do with GNU, but it just happens to be the shell I'm used to since I started using Linux. With the un*x accounts I have, the first thing is usually chsh -s '/usr/local/bin/bash'

  • Perl or Python
    If you have been reading my blog, you shall know that Python rules. My Python experience is nearly 3 years, and prior to that I have around 4-5 years of Perl experience. But I just felt that I am so much more productive with Python.

  • KDE or Gnome
    I'll say KDE. I first encountered KDE back in '97, and I have never really seriously used Gnome. But then again, I have not used Linux as a desktop system for a while...

  • MySQL or PostgreSQL
    MySQL for now. Even though someone might argue whether MySQL can be qualified as a real database system, but it is easy to develop, is used by many Open Source projects, and are deployed by most web hosts. Last time I used PostgreSQL was in the 6.3-6.5 days, and lots of troubles (database corruption, slow performance) back then. I heard it is much better now.

  • x86 or PowerPC
    I love Mac OS X. I love Apple hardwares. However I wish PowerPC can have a much better price/performance ratio. I think I'll pick x86 here.

  • IDE or SCSI
    IDE, again for the price/performance reason. I've never owned a SCSI equipment, but my experience with these drives at work, they don't give you 2-3 times the performance in every day applications.

Hopefully this entry won't be flooded with comments from FreeBSD Gnome users posting with Emacs :)