FRQ - Scully on Mac, Debugging Python, Mozilla 1.5, etc

Events for this weekend:

  • Prayer meeting for mission in China @ SMBC tonight.
  • FOCUS long termer's BBQ @ Suzuki's place on Saturday.
  • Unichurch Together on Sunday morning.

And the garbage collected last two weeks...


English is not my native tongue, and my grammar is pretty much mixed up with my Chinese sometimes. Here is a nice reference site on Grammar and Style, provided by the City University of New York.


John Sculley, the former CEO of Apple, made a comment on Infoworld that not switching the Mac to Intel x86 platform was probably one of the biggest mistake he has ever made, as Intel has really pushed the CISC technology forward, by-passing what PowerPC has today. But I guess Apple won't be the Apple today if it is running Pentium IV. Apple produces unique product that is different from the rest of beige PC's, and that's why people buy them.


Fjord came out with a new theory "Beer is to man as chocolate is to woman.". Interesting hypothesis (I won't call it a theory as there's not enough experiment done on it to prove its consistency), even though I'm not sure what it actually implies. I don't drink beer, but I do like to have some choc...

And congratulation to Stephen and Claudine! Little Ong will be due in April...


Jeremy Hylton has blogged a way to examine a Python application's current stack in using GDB. I found it very helpful especially in multi-threaded applications sometimes when everything just freezes (which happens quite often at work), at least now I have a way to find out what is actually going on internally.


Martin Fowler talks about the role of a software architect, and how is it different from the actual role of a building architect. While a software architect might be responsible for laying out the blueprint of the software architecture and pulling all the pieces together in the application, a building architect has much more involvement with the clients.

Instead of the software people getting the idea wrong, I think the building people have somehow distorted the role...

And has just released the latest version of Firebird and Thunderbird. I have been fully switched to these two on my Wintel laptop, and they are by far the best browser/email client available on the Win32 market. On Mac I am still using exclusively, and switching between Safari, Camino and MSIE for browser...

Another software that I've downloaded this week is the Windows iTune. It is not as exciting, as Windows has already filled with many different media players. However, iTune music store for Australia will be much more exciting, especially if they can offer AUD$1.50 per song.

Vincent Flanders' list of cheap/free tools that makes your website sucks less. Personally I found it very useful.


Weblog spamming has been on the rise recently, and last week there was a blog entry in this site got 5 spam comments in a row! Kimbro Staken even received a trackback spam which I have not encountered yet. He then asked whether something like bayesian classifier can be used to filter out spammy comments. It should be possible to call Spam Assassin function inside Movable Type easily, as they are both written in Perl. Any idea?


Why someone would code HTML by hand? I don't usually code my HTML and CSS by hand - actually I've lost quite a lot of ability to write things by hand. I do all mine on nothing but Vim. It is just easier, producing more efficient code, and boosts your cool factor through roof.