FRQ - blogs4God parody, Matrix Revolution, CSS House, etc

Getting out of the office in 20 minutes. This weekend is a bit un-organised, but at least there won't be any house hunting activity. Hopefully I will have chance to read books and watch a movie. Revelation 22 and 1 Timothy 2 for this Sunday, and I can't remember what will be the passage for the Unichurch in the evening...

Another thing I need to do is to reply the comments on homosexuality blog entries that I wrote ages ago. It is easy to argue from the Bible, as it is stated clearly what God has commanded us. Michael, who was ordered to leave a Catholic choir, tried to argue against those who quoted the Bible about homosexuality being sinful, by quoting laws from Leviticus and proving they have no relevance today. I guess that he has not pondered idea of "Biblical Theology", and the real reason behind the Old Testament laws. I just need time to write out something...


Jeremy Zawodny in his recent trip to Japan, blogged about the 26Mbits/sec ADSL connection provided by Yahoo! Broadband there, at the cost similar to 1.5Mbits/sec ADSL in the states. I guess that translates to 512kbps ADSL "broadband" with 3Gb download cap in Australia. Is desiring for "bandwidth" materialistic?


Mark Pilgrim is looking for a new camera, because of the coming baby. Well, Vivian and I are still praying for a baby, but I think I do need a new camera as well. My nearly-4-years-old Kodak DC280 has its battery cover broken, and I have to use sticky tapes to ensure the batteries are in good contact. Canon's A80 does sound like a good quality quick snap camera with lots of extras. But we are also looking at maybe digital camcoders - maybe also a Canon.


blogs4God is reporting a parody. It is actually quite funny, but if I am MeanDean I'll surely be offended.

Matrix Revolution

WARNING: Heavy spoiler ahead! You should definitely skip to my next blog entry if you don't want to suffer the same consequence that I have suffered.

Last weekend I have accidentally stumbled into this site and this site, which details the plot on the up coming movie Matrix Revolution, which will be screened on the 8th of November. I am not sure how accurate it is, especially when two spoilers seem to differ amongst themselves. Honestly I'll say the ending is not impressive. I hope it is not how the movie ends.


Here's another example of abusing what CSS can do - picture of a house that uses no image but CSS.. While most of the comments are praising how ingenius this CSS hack is, one commentor posted that it does not really advance the web design. I fully agree with that - CSS is something to help you separate content with the style, a tool where coder/writer can work with the designers. But this hack only shows some designer abuses the intention of CSS by doing something seems to be cool. No thanks. That's what SVG is for.

But using CSS to build layout is still encouraged. Here's a cartoon presentation on why tables for layout is stupid. I think I still have some HTML3.2 code lying around. Time to move them up...

And with release Mac OS X 10.3 Panther, it also comes with Safari 1.1, which has some improvement over the previous release on Jaguar. It includes better CSS support, like text-shadow!! According to Frame Limbacher's demonstration, you can now use this CSS 3 attribute to add drop shadow to your text, which is something only available previously with IE's filter effects.

Can you see this text with shadow?

Safari 1.1 also has alpha transparency, also following CSS 3's specification. Wow. I am now waiting for Mozilla to catch up.