Another Saturday of House Hunting

Here's my Saturday.

07:00 Woke up for my regular "breakfast", i.e. email, slashdot, and SMH.
08:00 First attempt to get Vivian off the bed. Tough luck. Go back to have shower and read more posts on the up-coming Panther.
08:30 Vivian "seems" to be up. We realised that there are a lot of properties that we need to look at. Fire up Safari to go to to get all the inspection details.
09:25 All data's ready. Then Grace called for tech support on the faulty floppy diskette containing her assignment. Tried to do scandisk but does not work. Things learnt -- never use a floppy diskette for anything important.
10:00 Arrived at the first property at south Kingsford. Dodgy looking 2 bedroom house with tiny little land. We did not even ask about the possible starting price of the auction.
11:00 Seen a few houses in Kingsford and Maroubra. Jaw dropping price for some really dodgy place, that might need a total renovation or a total rebuild. Don't think that's what we are after...
12:00 Another few places in Matriville and Chifley. They are a bit far from the uni so not that good for ministry. Quiet suburbs though, comparing to Kingsford. Saw one agent whom we saw a few weeks ago, but I don't think he can remember us.
12:30 Went all the way back to Mascot for a small nice house. Not brick but nicely presented. But Mascot is unfortunately on the flight path, and the street next to it is quite busy.
13:00 Went to Oporto's in Maroubra for lunch. Gee we were hungry.
13:30 Went to another house in Chifley for inspection. Maybe I'll call it a "ruin" instead. It is really falling apart, in a state that is totally unlivable. I felt sorry for the girl who was responsible for selling it.
14:00 Finish with the last inspection, and head down to East Gardens for shopping. Because I only got my car back yesterday from the smash repair, we have not gone shopping for quite a while...
16:00 Got back home from East Gardens, loaded with grocery.

Home hunting is certainly not my favourite Saturday leisure.