A night at the Koorong

Last night after work, Vivian and I, with Shan-Shan from MBF and her Med friends Nancy and Benjamin, went to Koorong at West Ryde for the Thursday late night shopping. Ben somehow got this 30% once-off discount card, and he was shopping like mad last night. As I was only informed the night before about this event, I was not really prepared with a shopping list. Vivian and I ended up just buying two ESV Bibles for someone else, another book for Vivian's friend's catholic friend called "Once a Catholic" by Tony Coffey (sounds like an interesting book that I would like to read as well), One Bible Only? and a book for myself called "One Bible Only?" by Roy E. Beacham.

"One Bible Only?" is "an honest and understanding look at the claims for authoritative supremacy of the King James bible by its proponents". While it is mainly answering the problem with King James Only (KJO), but I found it has quite a good introduction to textual criticism, accompanied with diagrams and flow charts on how manuscripts became the English translations of Bible today. Very useful for engineers. I guess KJO is not really an issue in Sydney, as I have not personally met anyone holding this kind of view here. However I'm always interested in textual criticism. Sounds like it will be a fun read for the weekend.

By the time we finished shopping, it was already 9 o'clock, and Koorong was waiting for us to close for the day. All together we purchased $800+ worth of Christian books, which was discounted to six hundred something. Benjamin even brought along a few travel bags to hold all the books he has pruchased, most of them ordered from his relatives, his friends and his friends' friends.

On the way back home, Vivian and I figured out that we actually have not had our dinner yet, so we tried to find some food to eat at 10pm. Originally we thought we need to settle for our last resort, which is eating out at Maccas, but surprisingly many Asian take aways were still open with customers coming in and out at that time on Kingsford side of Anzac Parade. We also caught up with Jason from AABC, who has just finished a class at Moore's evening college and was hunting for food as well. We had a good chat on being someone older/mature working amongst students in a university church...

I think this kind of ministry is hard, especially when you are single and pessimistic.