Weekend has finally gong, and don't you just love Mondays?!


Well. Weekend was great. I think as it moves closer to the end of year, it gets less hectic. It is still busy at work, but with church I suddenly felt not so pressured (as opposite to Tim who is preparing for the talk this week). I actually slept quite early yesterday - partially because of the table tennis game in the afternoon, as well as reading on the bed, which usually drives me into instant doze. The book that I was trying to read was "Point Man: How A Man Can Lead His Family" by Steve Farrar as it might be relevant to my seminar in 3 weeks. Jack gave me this book last year on my birthday, but I haven't really had a chance to read through it until now.

On Sunday morning, Joshua finished the series on Ecclesiastes with a note that "hell" actually makes life meaningful, as "death" is no longer the ultimate destination for all individuals, but there is a judgement afterwards. I think the series on Ecclesiastes is very good, and it certainly generated quite a lot of discussions during the morning tea time. I might collect all my notes, and then write my conclusion here sometimes... For the coming Sunday, We will go back to the series on Revelation which we have started early this year.

And Saturday was quite relaxed as well. In the morning we went to Danny and Pansy's wedding at the St. Matthias. Joshua was the celebrant. Keith Lai made the address in Cantonese, and Andrew Lim did it again in English, translated from Keith's talk. The talk was actually quite evangelistic, as Ephesians 5 (mystery in marriage) and Revelation 19 (marriage in heaven) were used. Andrew also did a great job giving the talk again in English (with Aussie style accent). Vivian said the English version of the talk was actually very close to the Cantonese one.

Even though it was not the first wedding I went to with bi-lingual sermons, but it was definitely the first bi-lingual wedding I've been to. Almost everything was done in both Cantonese and English. Through out the whole process Keith was standing next to Joshua, translating every sentence he has said. Even the "I will", vow and exchange the rings were first spoken in Cantonese, and then immediately followed by English! It just awkward at the beginning...

I can't remember how it was started, but for Saturday afternoon Vivian and I browsed through some on-line real estate listing sites for properties in Eastern suburbs. I think we are really determined to buy soon (after the finance has been worked out, of course), so we ended up calling a few agents for inspection appointment. We also drove around to have a look at the surroundings. Vivian has been quite picky - she wants something close to our current church, close to "things" like shopping and bus stops, close to good schools, in a good neighbourhood, quiet area, near the parks, etc. Well, I would love to live somewhere that matches these criteria as well, but it is just a bit unrealistic. You just won't get a quite neighbour that is close to things...

Looking forward to the next weekend - Asian AIM!