The Aussie Bible

The Aussie Bible Last week I finally got my own copy of The Aussie Bible!! I went to Koorong after the SCEA the Saturday before last week, and the sales staff said it was not available in the store. Felt a bit disappointed, but then Vivian bought it for me last Thursday. I am not sure where she got it from, but I guess I'll know when my credit card bill comes :P

It is a tiny book, and it contains only a little bit of the Bible (just sections of the Gospel + Psalm 23). I actually quite like the Psalm 23 as it actually rhymes in (Aussie) English. I found the gospel stories quite interesting to read, but probably due to my lack of 'Aussie-ness', the vocabulary can sometimes be quite difficult, and I have to keep on referring to the glossary section at the back of the book to understand the meaning of some words/phrases. Moreover, reading it out makes it much easier than just reading it through, as it is quite verbal.

Who is The Bloke?

Jesus and the team were visiting the townships around Caesarea Philippi. As they made their way down the track one day Jesus said to the team, "Who do the mob say I am?"

The team told him, "Some blokes say you're John the Baptist, or maybe that old timer Elijah back again. Other blokes reckon you're one of the prophets."

Then Jesus stopped and said, "But what do you say I am?"

Peter replied, "You are... the Christ! The Promised One!"

Jesus then warned them not to spill the beans to anyone about this, just yet.

Mark 8:27-30 TAB

Just an example of a famous passage...