Soon, Soon, Soon

Everytime I talked to my mum on the phone, she would ask me at least these three things. When are you coming to visit us? When are you and Vivian having a baby? and When are you buying a house? My usual answers are, soon, soon and soon.

We will be going back to Taiwan to visit my parents when I can get holidays from work. We are planning to have a baby when Vivian is not so stressed about work and MTS. We are ready to buy a property whenever the housing in the Eastern suburbs becomes affordable again.

Hopefully we can have a break at the beginning of next year, when the business around Australia is still recovering from the X'mas slow motion. And by the time Vivian finishes with her part time MTS at the end of this year, I don't think I would want her to go back to a full time job, to prepare for other life changes.

But I won't comment on the Eastern suburbs property price...