New Powerbook

Amanda rang on Sunday from Taiwan, asking whether she should get a Powerbook instead of an iBook. I said, "Nah", as Powerbook is about to be updated. Buying it now means you are losing thousands of dollars (NT$ anyway) immediately. She should either get something else (like an iBook) or wait for a few days...

And now it is Tuesday, Apple Export is rolling in Europe, and the first few items that pops up from the MacRumors site is the Powerbook update! Powerbook of all sizes got a processor update - to the shiny new Motorola G4 7457, which tops at 1Ghz for 12", 1.25Ghz for 15.2", and 1.33Ghz for 17" Powerbooks. All of them now have the Aluminium case. Yum... Well, they are not G5's, but are still much better than the older 18 micron process G4. Hopefully the heat problem has been resolved.

Australian store has just been updated, and the price has not moved - the entry level 1Ghz 12" Powerbook still costs AUD$2,999, which I think is now a better deal than the 900Mhz 12" iBook, which costs AUD$2,399. 600 hundred dollar difference buys you an extra 100Mhz in clock speed, a vector processing unit in the CPU, AirportExtreme capable, BlueTooth, GeForce FX 5200 (a better video card), USB 2.0, an extra 128Mb of RAM, DVI out, audio line-in, and a cool alumnium enclosure.