More weddings

I have to agree with Tim on this one - why so many people are getting married under the hot burning sun of Australian summer? Beside Alan/June and Jack/Virginia's wedding on the 13th of December, recently I've also received two new wedding notices. One is coming up soon, and another one will be just a bit over the new year.

First of all, Cristan and Vicky are getting married soon. It felt like just out of blue - probably because I have not been in touch with my university friends so I have no idea of progresses of many things. At the same time, it should have not been a surprise at all as these two have been going out for ages - about as long as I have known them back in my 1st/2nd year of uni. Well. It's about time.

And then this afternoon I have received another news. Not really a wedding invitation, but Luke told me at work that he and Emily were engaged early this week! They've been going out for a year now, and they are planning to get married possibily sometime in January. Wow. This has been a bigger surprise for me. Just then I told Vivian about Luke & Emily's engagement, and her first response was, "well, he is finally moving out of Warrane College" Hey hey. True. Knowing Luke for nearly 10 years, I think it is definitely going to be the biggest ever change for him. All the best.