Long time no see

Last night we have bumped into two individuals whom we haven't met for ages. Quite a surprise.

First of all, we caught David in Target at Eastern Gardens. David joined Mandarin Bible Fellowship for one year in 2001, when the Mandarin ministry on the campus was just about to take off. He was the guy that we "invited" to help from The Bible Talks, and being a Christian from Chongqing, he has helped to lead one Bible study group during our 'resource-less' year. However, at the end of 2001 he decided to leave MBF because of his dedication to TBT and its missions. He is also much "aussie" than most of us, despite that he only came to Australia in his late teen years. We haven't seen him ever since... He is still serving in the same church, living in the same place and working in the same job, but also getting a new degree at uni.

Later on in Kingsford Chinese Restaurant we met Gary, who was my ex-course mate at uni and ex-colleague in Vision. I have not seen Gary since Eric's wedding last year, even though he has now been back on the campus again doing a master course. He told me that he has just got an offer from SMBC, and he is going to go to an interview at Moore on Friday. While looking forward to study in a theological college, he also feared the busyness of a student life. Still in the same church, but he said that he is thinking of 2nd generation Taiwanese ministry. That's why he chose to study in either SMBC or Moore instead of EFC's theological college in US as it is conducted in Mandarin/Hokkien.

Two guys worth praying for...

And there are many other people that I would like to catch up with. Maybe I will bump into you on the street one day, and then write about it in this blog.