Lazy Saturday

I'm having a relexed Saturday this week. Unlike my previous weekend, we did not go around looking for properties. Instead, Vivian and I, with some other friends from MBF played tennis for 3 hours (9am-12pm) this morning. We had lunch at Sandra and Amanda's place, and then I came home to have a nap, recovering from excessive exercise in the morning. Meanwhile, Vivian and other girls went to the city to help Virginia to decide on the wedding gown. Well. It is near 8pm already, and they are still not back. Sounds like she is having nice dinner with the others in China town without me :(

Well. I meant to prepare a talk for next Sunday, as I am not going to Club 5. The talk will be on the gospel of John, as we have just finished the series of Bible studies on this book. I think I know the topic that I am going to talk about, but I have not even started working on it yet. Yup. I think I'll need to think about that after this post.

MBF 2003 Baptism Last night we had FOCUS baptism - a few brothers and sisters in FOCUS were baptised, and it includes Ernest and Libing from MBF. Well. It is the first time we need to pay to enter into the pool as spectators (yes, we are still baptising people in the UNSW's holy gym) - usually only the people getting baptised need to pay as they are getting into the water. After the baptism we resumed our regular fortnightly MBF Friday night event, and this time I was taking all the guys to discuss the issue on the "men's role of leadership in church and family". We turned out to have pretty good discussions - I was afraid that we would finish too early, but fortunately we did have quite a few quality contributions. But I do hope some of the guys in the group will start picking up the hints...