I'm back on MSN Messenger network

From my previous rant against Microsoft and MSN Messenger, I said that I would not be able to connect to this instant messenger network after 15th of October, as Microsoft will be blocking all the clients using protocols prior to MSN8. That would include the Jabber server I'm using at work to connect to MSN. I would rather leaving the network than downloading and installing the latest Messenger on my computer. However, there comes the rescue.

James Bunton has just announced a new version of MSN Transport for Jabber, 1.2.8pre3, that supports MSN8 authentication protocol. Immediately I downloaded and applied to my server at work, and so far it has been working fine (after 20 minutes). I don't get the "reminder" message from MSN anymore, and I have no problem logging and and chatting with my contacts on MSN. Hopefully it will continue to work after MSN's dead line. Cheers to all the open source Jabber developers who have worked on this patch!

On a related note, Yahoo Messenger is also sending me reminders about installing the latest version of their product. By the way, I am also connected to the Yahoo network using Jabber... There appears to be a simple fix on the mailing list. I might give that a try later.