FRQ - Free domain, UML, etc

Because I took a day off yesterday, Friday felt quite fast to me. Well, plus I have got quite a few things to do at work as well. For tonight, there's MBF leaders meeting at my place. There's quite a few leadership issues that I need to address, and I'll probably rant over here later. For tomorrow, Vivian and I will be going to some auctions. My idea of auction is pretty much limited to eBay, and I've never been to a property auction before. Should be fun.

And here's just a list of interesting links I've came across during the boring time of the week.


Bible makes impact in China, an article by the Bible Society NSW. I still remembered that how people are enthusiastic about sending Bible from overseas to churches in China. Well, China does print Bible, and they print a lot of them and sell cheaply to local churches. AUD$2 for a good size Chinese union version in Simplified Chinese I think. But don't think about importing them from China as well, as they were sold at a reduced price to support the ministry there.

Domain Names

Free domains! Well, for 6 months anyway. The 'individual' domain in Australia is not selling well, according to AusRegistry. Why not getting yours as well?

Update: It seems the free domain gives you ability to do email forwarding + web forwarding. It sounds like you cannot delegate with your own DNS server. I would like to find out more info on these free domains...

Jeremy Zawodny from Yahoo revealed his dirty feeling while he discovered that VeriSign's .com/.net TLD abuse is actually partnered with 2 of Yahoo's subsidiaries, Inktomi and Overture.


One good thing about checking the HTTP referral log is that you can find out who is quoting you. That would include both the compliments and flames. Some one quoted me for my geeky logical deduction that leads to "false claims", i.e. claiming Jesus is the only way to God. Moreover, my inability to consider "viable alternative religions" (if such term really exists) has somehow degraded my analytical skill in the IT field. In layman's term, saying Jesus is the only way makes you a bad programmer. I wonder what kind of logic does he use to deduct such conclusion. :)


An interesting article on User Mode Linux. Imagine a 32Mb RAM/750Mb HDD/5Gb transfer dedicate server with root access for merely 10 Euro a month? It is for people who don't want to share with others on a shared hosting box, and don't want to fork out a lot of money getting a real dedicated server or co-location. I think when I become sick of hosting my own box over ADSL one day, I might give it a try...

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Your sleeping position reveals your personality! I am 'The Soldier' type, who is "quiet and reserved who loathes noisy social scenes". Pretty much true. Now would you leave me alone?


Alan Green puts up a list of module level __magic__ variables for Python. These are not enforced, but adds a bit of information if you are distributing your Python module.

Star Wars

Somehow I read some spoiler on Episode III, sourced from the producer Rick McCallum. And what?! You mean I need to wait until 2005 to watch the ending of the prequel trilogy?!


Ever wondering where does the Windows XP crash report go? John Dvorak at PC Magazine also wondered the same thing. I would have to comment that Mr. Dvorak's mathematics is a bit .. hmm.