Exploits in Love 2.0

I've just received an email, documenting someone's support call on installing this new piece of software called 'Love 2.0'. I happened to download the Linux version of the same software from somewhere, and it appears to work similarly to its Windows counter part.

Here's a list of summarised steps to install the Linux version.

  1. Terminate current-running applications like 'low-self-esteem(1)', 'grudge(1)', 'resentment(1)', etc. 'love(1)' can terminate some of them automatically, but you might need to clean up the others yourself prior to installation.

        # for p in grudge resentment; do killall $p; done
        # rpm -Uvh love-2.0-1.rpm
        # /etc/init.d/love start
        Starting love-2.0...   [ Ok ]
        low-self-esteem: Terminated
        # df
        Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use%
        /dev/past-hurt        21627868  12732156   7797076  63%
        # sleep 5; df
        Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use%
        /dev/past-hurt        21627868   7815369  12713863  41%
  2. Tune the newly installed application to run on the current host.

        # cat /opt/love/bin/forgive-self >> ~/.bash_login
        # find / -name self-criticism -exec rm -f {} ;
  3. ~/My Heart directory might start populating new modules downloaded by love. Don't be alarmed - it is actually normal.

        # /opt/love/bin/love --download
        Download completed. 5897123 bytes read.
        # ls ~/My Heart
        smile   peace   contentment
  4. And don't forget about the daily maintenance schedule to make it running efficiently.

        # (crontab -l; echo '0 6 * * * /opt/love/bin/maintain') | crontab -

According to the email, Love 2.0 for Windows is free. And so is the Linux version.

  # /opt/love/bin/love --version
  Love version 2.0
  Copyright (C) alpha-omega Divine Cardiologist, Great Physician, "I AM."
  Love comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details type love -vv
  Love is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under
  certain conditions.

Hmm. I wonder where is the source code for it...

On a more serious note, the email I've received has revealed what most people think "love" is. It raises your self-esteem. It eases the pain and frustration in the past. It connects people together, sharing smiles and contentments. It simply makes you feel good. Who is the manufacturer? This supreme being that helps people in installing love into their hearts? It doesn't matter, but we will call him/her/it 'God'. And surely God wants us to love each other so that everyone can feel good...

But where is Jesus in the picture? Isn't him the ultimate example of what love is? He loved us, his enemies who hated him and rejected him, by laying down his life for us. And he told us to love each other in the same way he loved us, to show that we are truly his disciples.

So there is no need for 2.0 - the original love, the ultimate one point zero gold master release, is sufficient for us...