Day Off

I took an day off from work yesterday to go to a few propperty inspections around the Eastern suburbs, together with Vivian. She was supposed to go to TAT and meet up with some girls on the campus to do bible study, as Thursday is her MTS day, but she also got concession to skip TAT in the morning.

We basically went to a couple of different inspections around the Maroubra, Eastlake, Rosebery, Botany and Randwick area. I still don't understand why property inspections are mostly on Thursdays and Saturdays. It was good fun - i.e. you walked into a house, a townhouse or an apartment, greeted by the real estate agent, presented with a brochure about this property, and then you got change to walk around looking at all kinds of weird designs. Vivian and I were like little girls giggling with the good bad and ugly designs and constructions, while we have almost nil knowledge in architecture. But I can forsee that it can be quite a exhausting exercise after a while - felt much more tired at the end of yesterday than just sitting in the air-conditioned office. Can't imagine that we will be doing this for the next few months.

I had basically zero idea in real estate, and it felt like I need to pick up some good reading before heading down to the market. There aren't many people in the church that are experienced, as it is a student church, but it was great that Josh has been giving us some good tips.

Well, expect more about the property shopping in this blog.