Boring Auction

Saturday morning has been occupied with more house hunting activities. This morning we went around the Eastern suburbs looking at places that can possibly fit into our budget, which were mainly town houses and apartments. We also went for 2 auctions, both by LJ Hooker Maroubra, and that was an experience.

It was actually the first property auction I've ever been to, and I was expecting exciting actions where the sellers and bidders yell at the top of their lungs, just like what you have seen on the TV. Well. I was truly disappointed. Both auctions were on site. The first one at Eastlakes has around 20 people watching, and the second one at Maroubra has around 20-25 "spectators". How would I know that they are spectators instead of bidders? Because basically no one was doing the bidding. The real estate agents kept on calling, praising the merits of the property, and trying to get the bidding going, but none of his tactics works. At the end, the first property got one bid which I think was way below the reserved price, and the second property did not even raise anyone's interest. Quite a disappointing boring auction this morning...

After the first auction has finished, on the way walking back to our car, a friendly elderly Greek neighbour stopped us asking about the auction result. He then told us that the property should not worth that much because of the rough neighbours on the same block. He said some of the people lived in the government housing estate were causing all kinds of trouble, and police came around every now and then to sort out the "problem". We felt thankful for him to point out these things as sometimes it is not easy to check out the neighbourhood.

And the same goes to the second auction we went to. While the real estate agent tried to explain the rules and boot strap the auction, teenage-looking neighbours drove pass with a heavily mod-ed car with sub-woofer turned to 11. And then there were young teenage boys and girls (13-14'ish) tried to "participate", or rather disturb, the auction. Well, they were the ones made all the bids. I won't be surprised that the real interested people lost their motivation to bid - how would I move my family into this area?

Initially Vivian and I were both quite interested in these two places, but after knowing the neighbourhood, I think we won't shop there anymore.