Blue Sky meet up

First of all I got to apologise to both Tim and Libing for being absent in their combined birthday party, as I've previously arranged to meet up with Sonny from BlueSky BBS, someone I have not seen for years.

I can't remember when was the last time I met up with Sonny - a few years ago at least, when I was still doing my undergraduate degree. That was probably the first time I got to meet up with someone that I've only previously known on the Internet. Well, last time it was in Brisbane, and there were Sonny, LVT, "dragon", GiLi, and we bumped into Iris in the shopping centre. That was fun.

As of this time, Sonny is coming to Sydney for some business meetings, and he managed to get some Sydney-siders to come together for dinner at a Japanese resturant near China Town. Tonight there were Sonny, bgjc, Hercules, Corey, Zzz and myself. Well. Sonny I've met once a few years ago. Zzz was my high school classmate. Other than that I only know the rest on the BBS from their nick. Even though I've been introduced, after the dinner I still don't remember some of their "real-life" name :(

As of Blue Sky, Sonny summarised that only 3 types of people are still coming to this text-mode BBS. There are some oldies who refuse to quit, but they usually only log in for 2 minutes to skim through the new messages. There are others who are like the residential programmes, connected nearly 24 hours a day to the BBS. God knows what they are really doing. And recently the BBS is also flooded with many one-timers from Taiwan who would ask one university-related question in the Education board, and then never appear again...

But sadly Blue Sky is no longer in its hey days when Taiwanese migrants/overseas students all over Australia logged in at night to chat with each other (I remembered doing that at 3am on Saturdays during my uni years). A lot of people that I used to know from the BBS are no longer there, and the whole dynamic of the system felt like an aging man, struggling to make the next step...

I'm not sure why am I still here. That will be a good question to ask.