Another Jesus movie based on the Gospel of John

While the media is debating over Mel Gibson's The Passion, there's another new film about this Son of God that has attracted much less controversy. According to this article, Gospel of John has just been released. It is based on the actual text of John's gospel in the Good News Bible translation, and all the dialogues are in plain English. The producer is a Jew, and some effort has been put into place to reduce the conflict between Christianity and Judaism. The article says:

In making the film, Drabinsky hired University of Toronto retiree Peter Richardson to enlist an advisory board of scholars consisting of five Protestants of varying views, a Roman Catholic sister and two Jews.

With 8 people coming on board with different views - I am not sure whether the 'gospel' in the Gospel of John will be proclaimed. However, I am still looking forward to this film, especially after MBF worked through John this year.