Don't you just hate it when you are administering a co-located box in the data centre using SSH, your colleagues have been heavily downloading stuff off the net that congested the pipe so badly, that you have to wait for half a second for each character you've typed to echo back to you. The dodgy Linux router in the office did not have packet prioritising built into the kernel, and I am too afraid to break all the patches in the custom built if I try to rebuild it again with iproute2. The green square'ish cursor just stucked there in the middle of the terminal, mocking at me "I am not moving, I am not moving..."

Aaargh! M u s t   p e r s i s t t t ...

At least I felt better than those who tried to remote control co-located boxes through congested network connection using VNC or Remote Desktop :)

Sitting on my desk is an old "digital" PC, i.e. a DEC if you know who I am talking about. It is an old Pentium II I think, and it has been sitting there, not plugged into anything, for a few months now. It was sent by the head office in Melbourne to upgrade our even-older router box in the Sydney office, an IBM Pentium 166 running vintage RedHat 7.1 with custom built kernels with all kinds of dirty patches (except properly-built advanced routing support, doh). I just haven't had time to install and configure this "new" box, but I think it might not be necessary soon. We will be moving early next year to be in the same office as our parent company, who is a strictly Microsoft shop (quote from their top networking guy - "are you guys still trying to stitch and hack all those open source software to work together?"). I don't think our Linux routers will be necessary when we are sitting on their backbone.

I've not been writing much lately. Busy? Not as bad as the beginning of the session. Just felt a bit unmotivated at the moment. Back to work now.