Vivian and I usually have chat over ministry issues, especially those people we are working with. Before lunch today, we are talking about a particular individual she was trying to follow up with. We talked about how people can have the head knowledge on who Jesus is and what he has done, but this head knowledge does not really reflect on that individual's life.

At the end, we concluded that many people today treat Jesus as their helper, their saviour, their ransom for our capativity in sin. But relatively less people still treat Jesus as their lord, their Christ. Isn't it what the word Christ mean? The anointed king of the soverign God. The messiah. The glorified Lord in Psalm 110 whom God has put all his enemies as his footstool.

The disciples of Jesus back in the 1st century, before Jesus' death and resurrection, has done the exact opposite. When Jesus challenged them by asking, "who do you think I am?" they have no problem recognise him as the Christ. They were even prepared to fight for this anointed king! But little did they understand that this Christ received his glory by his death on the cross as a suffering servant, to pay for everyone's sin...

The disciples have understood when Jesus explained the old testament to them. How should we understand that Jesus is more than just our saviour, but he is our Lord that we ought to live for him?