TypePad Released Its Pricing

A few days ago TypePad has released it's pricing plan, and the features for its three blogging packages. To get blogging started it would cost you USD$4.95 per month. If you want up to 3 blogs, photo albums and domain mapping, then it will cost you USD$8.95 per month. If you feel like a Pro, who spends the whole day doing nothing but blogging, then you might want to get the top of the line package for USD$14.95 with unlimited number of blogs. You can get a full list of features for each package here.

Well. With USD$4.95/month, you can easily get a hosting package with hundreds of meg storage quota, few gigs of transfer quota, plus PHP/MySQL database/custom CGI/etc, and then you can run MovableType on top of it. But I guess cheap hosting is not what TypePad is after, but an easy to use blogging tool is.

However, I wonder how they are going to compete with other advertisement revenued blogging hosting, like Blogspot. Are average bloggers willing to pay USD$4.95 per month to have a better tool to write their journal? Will they be shun away from the cost?

Time will tell. But all the best to SixApart, the creator of both MovableType and TypePad.