Still looking for a good terminal app

Two nights ago I upgraded iTerm to 0.7.6 (from 0.7.0) . I quite like the new bookmark interface, and I found it better than the old address book. Rendering seems to be a bit faster now, but the speed is still no challenge to PuTTY on Win32, my favourite terminal application. However the new version has some unpredictable scrollbar behaviour when I tried to use it with Chinese BBS system, to a point that text-mode BBS is nearly unusable.

Basically these are my requirements:

  • A fast terminal that supports ANSI colour and Xterm extensions. Usually I scroll a lot in terminals, and FPS (frame per second) does make sense here.
  • Have multiple encoding support so I can use it on Chinese BBS systems (mainly in zh_TW.Big5 encoding).

On Windoze, I use a combination of PuTTY and its Big5 port. In X11 I use crxvt. However in Mac OS X, I just can't find something that is fast, renders everything properly and has good multi-byte support. I know rxvt compiles in X11, but somehow the X11 in OSX is not that fast.

Still looking for a good terminal app.