Saturday with SCEA Training Day

For this Saturday, I went to the SCEA Training Day at St. Ives Christ Church Anglican. It was my 2nd time participating in a SCEA event, and I think the last time I came was sometime last year at Burwood Presby (can't seem to find my blog entry on that). There weren't that many FOCUS people there - 6 from MBF because Vivian and I have been trying to sell it, and also Victor from Pelita as he came with his IPC friends. In some sense SCEA was not really targeting the overseas students ministry in a university context, as it is much more relevant to the English ministry in a local Chinese church. Nevertheless, I had a great day seeing so many Chinese Christians came together, willingly to be trained in doing ministry for Christ.

First of all, I felt compelled to sell saltlight, which is a Christian music group that produces fine music with solid biblical doctrine. Quoted from my old uni course mate Tim Woo, who plays guitar for saltlight, "rock, more rock, even more rock!" Sounds like the music that I might enjoy :) Well, their new album "This Way Up" will be launched in November, and it will be a group to watch out for!

Well, back to SCEA. After all the songs and announcements, Gary Koo gave a talk on "Grace Driven Life" from Philippians 1. We were challenged to be partners in the gospel, put priority in the works of the gospel, and live a life that is worthy of the gospel.

After the talk, we have one workshop in the morning and another in the afternoon. I did the leadership development workshop with Eugene Hor, and personally I found it a very enjoyable and enlightening seminar. It has challenged me to think more about the strategy, and tried to look at a bigger picture than just the things happening immediately around me.

First of all, we are challenged to think about "what makes a good leader". We definitely need someone who has good ministry skill. We also need someone who is willing to serve. However, sometimes we see a minister with good skills and a serving heart, but the ministry does not grow. So Eugene emphasised that we also need someone who is functional competent, someone who is able to manage, make things happen, plan, and look at a big picture. We looked at 5 levels of leadership, and how one should try to push up the level in order to grow the leadership team. We looked at our strength and weakness, and the things that we enjoy doing and hate doing in ministry. At the end (before we run out of time), we looked at the priority issue. Very often we spend our time in the urgent/important category, but sometimes we forget about the non-urgent/important category, like planning new leaders, reviewing, renewing, etc.

This leadership development workshop has helped me to rethink about myself, the things I do in FOCUS/MBF, and how we can run the ministry on campus better. It is late (2am in the morning), so I will just have some point form on what pops up in my mind:

  • I need to think about where I will be in 5 to 10 years time - something that I don't usually want to think about in the student ministry field.
  • A good trainer is important. It is difficult this year as there is no older people in the fellowship, and I found there is no one I can be accountable for. I stopped doing Bible studies with Ian, who has been giving me lots of helpful directions over the last few years, because I am just getting too busy with work and ministry. Maybe I need to find a chance to resume that...
  • How does what I learn today apply to the leadership structure in MBF? MBF has 'weird' leadership structure - in an unhealthy state that I do not wish to mention here.
  • I am too tired to think anymore.

Yeah. Lots of things to think about for the next couple of days.

After SCEA we went to Koorong today, as they had their store-wide 20% off. I bought Bill Hybels' Courageous Leadership recommended by Eugene. A small book, but it has some very interesting topics. Sounds like it will be my bed time reading for the next few days (if I do manage to get back to bed early).