One More Month On MSN Messenger

I will probably be connected to MSN Messenger network for one more month, before Microsoft cuts me off from their IM network on the 15th of October. This is what I received as a chat message from MSN this morning, when I connected to their service:

You are running a version of messenger that requires an immediate security update. Please visit to complete the update.

Upgrade to what?! Currently I am connected to the MSN network using Jabber's MSN transport (from my previous blog entry), which will probably not work after Microsoft turned off the support for the older protocols. The next generation MSN transport is nowhere near ready, just by browsing their CVS repository, and the current suggestion from Jabber is (quoted from their website):

This is a good time to convince your company to switch to Jabber which represents a more flexible and secure messaging solution.

Well, there is not a single person I know personally that has got a Jabber account. The very reason that I am still using MSN is that many friends of mine are on that particular network. So I do not think asking people to switch to Jabber is a sound solution.

So I have a few options. I can either download MSN Messenger 6.0 for Windows (and an equivalent for my Mac) and use it, or I can simply wait for an updated MSN transport for Jabber to come up, at the cost of being disconnected. Or I can try to brush up my C skill by hacking the MSN transport myself. Hmm. Maybe not...